8 Tips on How to Behave in Pilates Class

The pilates studio is shared by several people throughout the day. In order for the coexistence to be healthy and everyone can enjoy the benefits of the method, there are some rules that must be followed.

Some studios create their own code of conduct, others rely on the good judgment of their teachers and students. No matter what the standards of your studio, it is worth following these tips on how to behave in your pilates class. Check out:

How to behave in pilates class

1. Respect the pilates class schedule

Your class time should always be respected, both on arrival and departure. It's because the teacher planned his class in advance and a few minutes late are enough that he needs to change the strategy at the moment to avoid harming his result. If you need to leave before the end of class, notify the teacher as soon as possible so that he or she can reorganize. Remember that delays do not only harm you and the teacher, but the other students, so come early!

2. Wait for the teacher to call

In the tip above we talk about the importance of arriving early. This is not to say that you can always advance your class if you arrive minutes before the start. It will depend on each teacher, so wait to be called, even to start the warm up. So you do not disturb the class of the other students and your teacher.

3. Wear appropriate clothes in class

Pilates requires you to wear appropriate clothes to make the exercises more comfortable and safe. The use of socks is also necessary to avoid falls.

4. Avoid talc in feet

The anti-odor talcum in socks are not suitable for Pilates because they mess up the mat. There are other options, such as moisturizing creams for this purpose, that help to solve the problem.

5. Keep hair stuck

Whenever possible keep your hair tied to your own comfort and to avoid that they fall in the pilates studio.

6. Use towels

To maintain hygiene during the lesson, use a towel to wipe and put on the appliances whenever you lie down or sit on them.

7. Turn off the cellphone during class

Pilates requires concentration and the cell phone ends up getting out of focus. Turn it off or leave it on the muffler during class.

8. Avoid conversations

Pilates is the time that many people take to relax and interact with teachers and colleagues. But conversations sometimes get in the way of class. Avoid talking to someone who is doing some repetition, wait for the person to finish so she does not get distracted. Take advantage of the intervals between one device and another to clear your doubts with the teacher - avoid doing this when you are already on the device performing the exercises to avoid harming your results.

Posted on July 24, 2018 at 01:19 PM