10 Reasons to Learn Ballroom Dancing

Being healthy involves several factors, the main ones of which are balanced nutrition and exercise . For those who do not like the traditional exercises of the academies , but want to practice some activity, one option is the ballroom dance. Before you imagine yourself dancing in "Baile da Saudade" with your grandfather, know that the practice is gaining space and conquering people of all ages. The rhythms ballroom dance ranging from classical tango and bolero , to the Latin samba , salsa, zouk and "trendy" forró and backcountry. There are countless reasons to learn ballroom dancing, check out 10 reasons why you should enroll in a ballroom dance class today:

1. Dancing is good for your health : it increases your heart rate , stimulates blood circulation and improves your breathing capacity;

2. In addition to classes, ballroom dancing is an activity for two: increase your circle of amizades;

3. Welcomes everyone: there is no restriction of age , sex or body type;

4. Self-knowledge: you get to know your body better when you dance;

5. Slim down! A ballroom dance class can burn up to 700 calories;

6. After a stressful day of work, dancing relaxes ;

7. Increase self-esteem : When you dance, more people look at you;

8. Overcome shyness and gain more confidence ;

9. Work posture , agility and motor coordination;

10. Dancing increases the quality of life and makes you happier. Try it!

So do not waste any more time and come to Dance Forever !

Posted on July 24, 2018 at 01:10 PM