Women Fitness: Know Our 4 Tips

Many people think that bodybuilding is a physical activity intended only for men. Contrary to what it may seem, however, women can and should practice muscle exercises if they want a healthier body. In this post, you will learn some of our tips for practicing female bodybuilding. Check out the women fitness!

Female bodybuilding x male bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a strength training against resistance that works the muscles of the human body. Therefore, it can be practiced by anyone. Men and women, however, have physiological, anatomical, and hormonal differences. This makes men generally bigger, stronger in the upper limbs, and easier to gain muscle.

Women, in turn, have a lower level of testosterone, a typically male hormone. This causes increased muscle to be performed with greater difficulty. In addition, the female anatomy represents a more delicate body with more curves, although the probability of localized fat is much higher.


Because of these factors that have already been presented on the differences, the bodybuilding of each gender should be planned considering their individualities. In female bodybuilding, the goals are usually:

Decreased body fat

With the acceleration of metabolic rate, the body burns fat stores to provide energy to the body. In this way, bodybuilding causes a decrease in the fat index and, consequently, the weight loss. This decrease is still useful to make the muscle layer more evident.

Muscle toning

With bodybuilding, the space that was previously occupied by fat is filled by the muscles, which gain more definition as the groups are worked. It is worth remembering that lower levels of testosterone cause in female bodybuilding a difficulty in relation to hypertrophy, but not to tonification.

Improvement in quality of life

Not only should body aesthetics be sought with female bodybuilding. Practice is a form of physical activity, and like any other, it brings benefits both to the body and to the mind. Increased cardiorespiratory women fitness, increased endurance, decreased levels of stress and anxiety, reduced risk of heart disease, and increased self-esteem are some of the effects.

Train specific muscle groups

To value localized body fat loss and preserve female traits, many women train specific muscle groups. Usually the lower limbs are the most worked. But do not think that they are limited to the thighs: the abdomen, calves and buttocks can also - and should - be stimulated in female bodybuilding.

Do not forget, however, of the bodily harmony

Just as many men only work out the upper muscles and look disproportionate, many women focus only on the lower ones. This practice is wrong, since the whole body must be worked on in bodybuilding. Because hypertrophy is more difficult, do not be afraid to look big or too wide. Work biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, for example, and remember that muscular strength and endurance are always welcome.

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 09:11 PM