8 Reasons to Choose Adult Ballet as Physical Activity

When speaking about ballet, it is common to associate the idea that dance should be practiced by children and not by adults. However, this dance has been chosen as physical activity by many people who have decided to challenge the myths and show that it is never late to start and that ballet can be very beneficial for adults.

That's why we've listed eight reasons why choosing ballet as a physical activity is an excellent choice:

1. Complete Exercise

The dance works all the muscles of the body with grace and smoothness promoting the muscular conditioning, breath, firmness and precision;

2. Quality of life

Movements that were once simple and that have now become difficult as scratching the back or other things that were able to do when still a child, can be recovered, as the ballet provides greater flexibility, giving much more quality of life for who practices it.

3. Posture

The ballet dance demands a lot of the thorax, upper and lower limbs, which benefits the athlete in his daily activities and improves his posture, leaving the practitioner much more elegant;

4. Motor coordination

Each movement performed in the ballet is precisely what improves both gross and fine motor coordination;

5. Discipline and Mind Control

Dance requires a lot of concentration in the execution of each movement, which increases mental control over the body and improves the discipline of each practitioner;

6. Increase resistance

Staying in one position for a long time or performing the same movement several times in a row requires a lot of body resistance with the involvement of large muscle masses.

7. Body

Expressing yourself through music with soft, steady movements increases body strength;

8. Exercise for the mind

An exercise for mind because it requires a lot of attention and concentration.

The benefits of ballet are enormous. A recent survey has reported that ballet is more than just a dance, actually being a complete physical activity, bringing more benefits than swimming to those who practice.

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 09:09 PM