Hi girls, how are you? I have not talked about adult ballet for a long time . Today, I brought  5 tips for beginner dancers who can help teens, young and old, just as I started after age 20. If you decided to take the New Year's goals from the role and live the dream of being an adult dancer , stay with me to check out the which I think it is important to know when one is starting to dance.

For those who are blogging now, I am 23 years old and I have been dancing for 4 years. I started out as an adult, with the coke and the courage, and that was one of my best decisions. I rely on my experience, and the tips for beginner dancers are:

Do not spend too much money

Ballet is expensive, we know that. They are monthly costumes, presentations, costumes, courses, uniforms ... Besides all this, we always want to buy a lot of things to be with a ballet dude. But it does not need a thousand things, especially at the beginning when you are still not sure to buy the right stuff. The best thing is to wait for the teacher's directions. She can ask for a specific model of sneaker, the school may require a color for the collant or sell one with the print of them, and everything you buy before this conversation can be lost. If the anxiety is not giving, look for a specialized store and ask for help with the first sneaker, that's enough. And if you can not, that's fine. My first classes were made using old socks!

Be disciplined

With the coke, with the schedule and especially with the exercises. Pay attention to the movement to perform the right way, avoiding injuries. If the teacher asked to adjust the posture at the time of the plie, it is no use to want to steal and do it later. If it is difficult or painful, speak to him. Do not skip a piece or make up in the middle of the exercise, as this can become a messy little habit to correct in the future as well as being dangerous. Always stretch before and after school, and if you happen to be late, do not rush off to your seat. Taking a few minutes in stretching is more important than losing an exercise. Just do not let the delays become frequent so as not to disrupt your income and the class, which needs to stop to explain what you have lost.

See yourself in the mirror

Do not let the front student cover your reflection, or the teacher's. Move as the group moves to always be with the free vision for the teacher's feet, which you should copy. Looking in the mirror you can better understand the dynamics of the exercise, and even if it does not come out exactly the same, it will be easier to repeat - and ballet is made of repetitions! Over time, you can change your gaze, from feet to arms, arms to head tilt, then an overview of body, posture and movements. With this practice you can evaluate yourself and make corrections, because you have trained the eye to what is ideal, following the execution of the teacher.

Respect Your Limits

You are beginning an exercise now. The teacher still does not know his body and its limitations, so you should tell him. It is normal that everything seems difficult, and of course you must overcome, but with awareness. There is a phrase that I always see in dance posts and I do not agree, says that 'all pain is a good pain'. The pain of the injury is not good, the pain of excess is not good, the pain of the exercise done wrong is not good. They are dangerous pains! If it is hurting too much, tell the teacher and explain where it hurts. It is important to undergo a medical evaluation before starting any type of physical activity, and if you have a history of injuries and muscular and ectopic problems, you should tell the teacher in the first class! So he stays alert and can help you without harming your income.

Do not compare yourself

Enrolling in class does not make your body magically elastic. You're a beginner, and you should think about it before comparing yourself to 13-year-old girls (and those who have been teaching since the age of 3), to your teacher, to that girl who has danced before and has a better body awareness than her , or that other one that has a high standing neck naturally. Do not compare yourself when you look at the group in the mirror, do not slow yourself down because the teacher praised another person and corrected you. Do not compare with the girls of the striker who went up on the edge with 2 years, do not compare with my blog reports, do not compare with anyone! This should be the most important among tips for beginner dancers. You are unique, your body is unique and your performance will improve over time. I'm sure about that! I hope these tips for beginner dancers are useful for your dance start.

Posted on July 21, 2018 at 09:08 PM