Anna Pavlova profile of Ballet Dancer

Anna Pavlov was among the very powerful Ballet dancers, her stunning Ballet poses have been photographed many times. Dance schools, Theatre Company's and Societies have continued to honour her memory. Nevertheless, her enduring legacy has been in inspiring innumerable young girls to eventually become future Ballet dancers.

Anna Pavlova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in the year 1884; the identity of her dad has consistently stayed unknown. Yet Lyubov Feodorovna, her mom, was a washerwoman who wed a reserve soldier in the Russian Army, Matvey Pavlov. Rumours circulated that Feodorovna had an affair with a Russian Banker, Lazar Poliakoff even though the identity of Pavlova's dad was never found. As a child, her mom told Pavlova that her dad was when she was a toddler, Pavel, who'd died. This narrative has amongst Historians and Biographers remained a puzzle to this day. Growing up in Russia, Pavlov came from an extremely poor family; Feodoronva took her to see Sleeping Beauty at the Mariinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg. After seeing the performance, Pavlov expressed her desire of being a Ballet dancer to her mum. Her mom was totally supportive of her excitement to a day grow up to be a professional Ballet performer. A couple of years afterwards she applied to the St. Petersburg Imperial School of Ballet after quite skillfully passing the entrance exams. The principle of the school was a renowned Ballet dancer, Marius Petipa. Petipa, Ekaterina Vazem and Pavel Gerdt alongside Pavlova's teachers seen Pavlova's exceptional gift for dancing. Realising her fantasy of a single day Pavlova became a motivated and committed pupil in the school. Natural ability and a faithful work ethic, Pavlova spent day performing routines.

Graduating in the age of eighteen in 1899 from the Imperial Ballet School, Pavlova was a coryphee meaning that she could go to corps de ballet, a means of passing through instead of being required to go to dancing groups that are bigger to smaller dancing groups. September the same year she made her debut performance on stage, dancing in a tiny group of three at the La Fille Mal Gardee. In 1905, Pavlov came to the eye of dancing choreographer for which she got the lead character in The Dying Swan, Michael Fokine's. Application and her graceful dancing of facial expressions farther empowered the audience to get the storyline. For which she received high acclaim for the component immediately became her signature role. The subsequent year, Pavlov became a promotion for which she'd danced one of the most challenging routines in Giselle, Prima Ballet. Seven years into her career, she embarked on a tour of the outside of Russia seeing with the leading cities in Europe Prague, Copenhagen and Berlin. Again the answer from touring these important cities gave international acknowledgement to Pavlova. She seen with Australia; the instrumental role played with a huge influence on the Ballet picture in Australia.

In 1911 Pavlova chose to form her own theatre company, in doing so her own routines could be determined by her and also as choreograph routines for her performance. Her husband, Victor Dandre was in charge of encouraging her tours. For the past two decades of her dance career, she toured the world over, inspiring little girls to a day take up Ballet. !

After thirty years of Ballet dancing, Pavlov was by now fifty years of age and no longer the youthful dancer that she once was. Finishing a challenging and long tour of England in 1930, she took a train to Hague; on the train an injury happened during the journey from Cannes to Paris. The January snow was freezing cold, although she was not injured; Pavlov was just wearing flimsy pyjamas and a thin coat. She got double pneumonia as she patiently on the train platform waiting twelve hours for the train to get there. Eventually arriving in Holland she was not able to perform due to pneumonia, her condition quickly worsened. The past request she made was to see the swan costume for the past time before she expired. Tragically Pavlov expired in the wee hours of January 31, 1931, her ashes were scattered on Golders Green Cemetery, London, close to Ivy house the home she lived with her husband Dandre in London.!

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